Great Dane. PhotoGreat Dane – Keeping And Care

Place for Great Dane.

     Where is its place in your premises? Perhaps he needs a separate room?
     Despite its immense size Great Dane is a quite compact dog well-adapted to life in the small city apartments on the strict condition of sufficient walking! If your dog throws his energy out during walks it will not run around the apartment knocking down and destroying everything in its way (as a lot of people imagine).
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Feeding Great Dane.

     You have to decide how you will feed the dog – dry feed or natural feed.
     It is simpler and easier to feed with dry feed of super premium quality because it is well balanced and fully meet the physiological needs of the dog’s organism, especially of a growing puppy, and promote proper digestion. Do not forget to change the feed in accordance with the age of your pet. Only a balanced diet with dry food primarily provides the formation of the muscle mass puppy needed.
      Feeding natural products is a more time-consuming process and often it is very difficult to maintain all proportions and make a fully balanced diet.
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Walking and Coaching Of Great Dane.

     Special attention is to be given to walks and loads to grow a real Apollo out of your puppy. Great Dane puppy should not be overloaded, the coaching must be carefully measured and selected individually. Swimming, jogging and walking on hard and soft ground, climbing up the hill are very useful. But remember that these loads should be small! A puppy should not get tired. If it sits or lies down on the ground do not pull its leash and do not drive it on. It has still poorly developed musculoskeletal system, the joints and tendons have not got established. The bone and muscle mass of large dogs’ puppies grows very rapidly, joints and tendons do not keep pace with the fast growth of a young dog.
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Cosmetic Procedures.

      As any other breed Great Dane needs cosmetic care. It means taking care of its teeth, ears, eyes, claws and paws as well as hair.
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Treatment and Prevention Activities.

      These include the vaccination of dogs and cleansing treatment of internal and external parasites – helminths, fleas and ticks. Remember that the health and even life of your pet depend on these preventive measures. Vaccination of dogs allows the body of the animal to prepare for "meeting" with harmful microorganisms. In simple terms, the dog’s vaccination is a way to protect the animal from diseases and improve its immunity.
     Parasites such as fleas and helminths are the carriers of infection.
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      Any dog must know the commands, be educated and socialized! It is a pledge of your mutual understanding and normal relations with the outer world. Currently there are a lot of instructors and training schools. The breeder or employees of the Club will help you not to get lost in the variety of proposals and to select a competent trainer who will find the proper approach to your puppy.
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