flag of RussiaGreat Dane

Great Dane. Photo     Great Dane – dog with a capital letter! He has a noble appearance, strength, athletic body, pride, strength and grace, but also developed intellect, loyalty and boundless devotion to his master and his family.

Great Dane. Photo       Great Dane has a great memory, a distrust of outsiders, caring and gentle for children. Great Danes combines considerable strength with exquisite dignity. Truly gentle giants, dogs are loving and affectionate and pleasant companions, who are most like to spend time at home with his family. Great Danes are very sociable, in order to feel comfortable, they need to be around people.

Great Dane. Photo     Apollo of dogs – perhaps this is another name for the Great Dane. Tall, strong, slender, graceful, he at the same time affects its strength. Not surprisingly, the world's army of lovers of this handsome and powerful animal replenished constantly.

Great Dane. Photo      Dane is rightly called the Apollo of the dog world, because it combines the best qualities, appearance, and richness of character.
     Reliable family dog​​, a faithful companion, very loyal to the owners and their children.




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