Treatment and Prevention Measures.

       These include the vaccination of dogs and cleansing treatment of internal and external parasites – helminths, fleas and ticks. Remember that the health and even life of your pet depend on these preventive measures. Vaccination of dogs allows the body of the animal to prepare for "meeting" with harmful microorganisms. In simple terms, the dog’s vaccination is a way to protect the animal from diseases and improve its immunity.
        Parasites such as fleas and helminths are the carriers of infection.
Despite the availability of many new modern medicines so far it is easier to prevent most infectious diseases than to cure. Therefore, preventive vaccinations are virtually the only reliable means of preserving the health of your dog.
        Vaccination should be done by the veterinarian. He will recommend a specific vaccine and monitor how the dog has accepted the vaccine. Do not save on vaccinations because the health of your dog depends on them.
Now there are many different vaccines, domestic and imported, mono-and polyvalent (monovalent vaccine protects against a specific disease, polyvalent – from a few). The choice of a vaccine depends on the age, dog’s body weight and many other factors that the vet will be able to consider better than you.

      Treatment against fleas and helminthes
      The first preventive measure in the life of a puppy is a treatment against helminths. It is difficult to recommend a specific medication as times are changing and new more effective drugs appear. State of health of your dog influences how often these drugs are to be given during a year. Usually it is recommended to give anti – helmintic three times a year. The same can be said about the drugs against fleas and ticks. Therefore, when choosing anti flea or anti – helmintic drug be guided by the advice of your veterinarian. Pups can be assigned only specific drugs. Treat your puppy against fleas and ticks no earlier than he is three – four months old.


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