Cosmetic Procedures.

      As any other breed Great Dane needs cosmetic care. It means taking care of its teeth, ears, eyes, claws and paws as well as hair.
      Keep your dog's ears clean with the help of special means: lotions, powders, cleaning tissues. Need to clean the ears once every 1-2 weeks.
      Eyes are the indicator of the dog’s health. They must be clean and healthy. Little amount of discharge is possible in the corners of the eyes in the morning. Watch out for the eyes. In case there is a constant big amount of discharge from the eyes seek vet assistance. Daily eyes care is simple. It is enough to wipe them (from the outer corner to the inner one) with a cotton wool wad. For eyes care there are different means of both domestic production and imported.
      The teeth require regular inspection and care. They need to be cleaned weekly. For teeth cleaning there are special dog toothpastes. Sometimes the set includes a toothbrush. You can also twist cotton wool on a stick and start cleaning the dental system. Regular care and proper nutrition will help to minimize the formation of tartar. If the formation of tartar large, it should be cleaned mechanically. It is better to turn to a competent veterinarian. It is necessary to remove tartar as it brings a dog suffering and often is the cause of halitosis.
      You also need to take care of claws and paws. Normally when walking the dog nails are grinded off against the surface. But in any case it is necessary to monitor the state and the length of the claws, especially if the dog walks on a soft surface. Otherwise, the claws can grow to such an extent that would cause considerable inconvenience, can break causing the pain and discomfort, perhaps even become the cause of lameness. For trimming the claws there are special claw clippers which exist in different sizes. When clipping remember that in each claw there are blood vessels and a nerve (live part) and claw is to cut below the live part. Pruning claw you should slightly retreat in the direction of the keratinized part.
     Be sure to carefully inspect the dog's paws for stuck things and cuts. Very often the dog cuts paws against the glass fragments. Do not be lazy to inspect the skin between the toes, in the most seemingly not suitable for cuts places. To prevent cracks in the paws lubricate the very dry skin with vegetable or animal fat, any fat cream for skin care
      Great Dane is a short-haired breed so its hair does not require special care and expensive cosmetics. Proper nutrition and a balanced presence of vitamins are necessary for a healthy hair shine. Besides that today there are special cosmetic products that give shine to the coat. These products can be applied before the show upon necessity. For constant grooming use a special brush for shorthaired dogs. Brush the dog thoroughly. With regular care the hair does not fall from the animal.



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