Place for Great Dane

       Where is its place in your premises? Perhaps he needs a separate room?
       Despite its immense size Great Dane is a quite compact dog well-adapted to life in the small city apartments on the strict condition of sufficient walking! If your dog throws his energy out during walks it will not run around the apartment knocking down and destroying everything in its way (as a lot of people imagine).
       Of course, a country house with a fireplace, a large area for unleashed walks near the forest and the lake are the ideal conditions for keeping the Great Dane. Separate room is not a must but the dog is to have its own place. This is its personal territory where the dog can relax after a walk. The place should not be on the aisle, away from drafts and heating units. It should be convenient, high and voluminal enough. Do not use for this purpose just a thin mat or folded blanket. Providing mattress is not enough If it is a permanent place. Great Dane is a very heavy dog and with time bald spots appear on its elbows. Now many ready-made “sofas” for large dogs are being sold. In home conditions the place can be made of an old couch’s back with low legs.



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