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Great Danes and Beagles Kennel.

       We are glad to welcome you on the website of the «Inner Light» kennel.
     Our kennel is engaged in breeding in Ukraine dog’ breed of Great Dane (Deutsche Dogge). UKU – FCI 237/11 Registration number.
     great dane photo In our house there have always been dogs. Initially – Western Siberian Laikas. Then, in 1996, came the first Great Dane from which there had begun a love for this adorable breed.
     The first dogs were had been acquired as pets but over time this hobby has turned into a matter of life and work. Years of experience of keeping, growing and training of dogs is the basis for our activities. We are constantly expanding and growing mastering our knowledge and skills by participating in various courses and seminars on breeding, handling, training.
      We have acquired new stud dogs of interesting bloodlines and bright breed anatomy. We have decided to devote our work to the harlequin and mantle color groups. 
      Dogs born in our kennel live in the 
USA, Germany, Austria, Greece, Macedonia, Georgia, Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Moldova, Hungary, Finland, Sweden, Bulgaria, UAE, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan.

    Great Danes.

     great dane photoThey are large (especially males) beautiful, truly "Royal" animals from a "Molossus" group.
     During its long history Great Dane has been used as a fighting, hunting, guard dog, it has also been harnessed to a cart. Today it is still being used as a guard, bodyguard but for the beauty and complaisant nature of the Great Dane it is especially valued as a companion and a dog for the home and for the whole family.
      Our dogs are descendants of the best dogs in Europe. In the process of selection we have not lost a true image of the majestic "Great Dane". Handsome, large, powerful, with a spectacular form of the head and a beautiful color, without excessive moisture, with a bright temperament and excellent productive movements – it has been mentioned not once by renowned experts at the exhibitions.
      The ancestors of our dogs are long-lived ones. Many of them stepped over 12 – year mark what is rare for the breed representatives.


The Breeding Program of «Inner Light».

      great dane photoIn our breeding program we use only top-breed dogs with excellent health, blameless pedigree and excellent exterior, stable mentality and good working qualities.
     We use only healthy animals in breeding! Permanent veterinary supervision is being carried out. Also, prior to mating, all of our stud dogs undergo complete diagnostic examination and provide bacteriological cultivation samples.

All the stud dogs that we have chosen for mating have been selected by :
     1. Phenotype and genotype.
     2. Descendants.
     3. Health.
     4. Temperament and movements.
     5. Show career.
    Our puppies are born and grow up in the full compliance with the biological needs of the breed, get full maternal education, contact with other members of the kennel and are socialized.
     While growing the puppies are fed high-quality professional super premium foods as well as meat and dairy products.
    We have puppies regularly in the kennel. We post mating plan on our website. Therefore you can take acquirement decision well in advance.
    At the time of sale the puppy has undergone registration control, vaccinated according to the age, has the mark (or chip) and, of course, all the documents – KSU-FCI metrics and veterinary passport with vaccinations and dehelmintization confirming stamps.
    Price of the puppies born in our kennel depends on several factors – parents’ titles, number of puppies per litter, quality of the puppy.

«Inner Light» Guarantees.    

We guarantee the authenticity of the pedigrees to the owners of our puppies and can provide the DNA profile(genetic passport). This is a guarantee that the puppy purchased is in conformity with the pedigree, inherits characteristics of their parents and is a worthy representative of its breed.

     When selling a puppy we sign a purchase contract that specifies the puppy’s prospect, warranties and liability of the breeder and the owner.
     When purchasing a puppy in our kennel we can help you with the delivery all over the world!

We are not indifferent to the fate of our pets! Therefore, we:

      great dane photoWe provide comprehensive assistance to the owners of our puppies. You will receive consultancy support around the clock.
     With our help you can learn new "professions" necessary for any dog owner whether an animal is for show or just a pet such as handler, trainer, animal psychologist.   

Here you can buy food, vitamins and accessories at wholesale kennel prices. Our professionals will help to determine the right diet for your dog and our veterinarian will help you to choose the right treatment for your pet. Also, the kennel’s handler and trainer will always help to find proper approach to your puppy.

     Consulting, following up and advices on treatment are for free!
     Do not hesitate to apply! We are always glad!



«Inner Light»
Julia Popravka




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